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Program Management and Administration

Cetechs Program Management and Administration Division–provides program management and select administrative functions across our market verticals: engineering, clinical, and public health. Our expertise includes crafting comprehensive statements of work, program budgets, duty schedules, cost & pricing estimates, contract management, and fiscal reports. An extension of client staff, Cetechs delivers total program management services from inception through completion, helping customers fulfill their requirements while enabling them to focus on other business operations.


We offer our clients global epidemiology consulting services, assisting in the development of strategic approaches for outbreak investigations, surveillance, disease etiology studies, transmission studies, and many other areas.

Health Communications

Health Communications services are offered to assist our clients in the development of effective strategies for the creation of health-related material and global communication to target audiences through a variety of media.

Health Economics

Health Economics consultation services are offered to assist our clients in the production of strategic plans to analyze their economic research objectives, including the burden and impact of disease, and the cost and cost-effectiveness of health interventions. Our consultants are subject-matter experts in the creation of analysis plans, identification of relevant databases, and selection of appropriate methods for statistical analyses, ensuring results meet or exceed client expectations.

Health Policy Analysis

Assisting clients in the formulation of comprehensive policy analysis approaches that are supported by scientific evidence. We advise our clients in the identification of the science underlying policy components, the identification of relevant databases, the development of policy analysis tools and training material, use of quantitative and qualitative methods to synthesize policy findings, identification and mitigation of gaps, and strategies for effective dissemination of results to key partners.

Professional & Administrative Services

Cetechs offers professional and administrative services. Our employees are experts in their fields who provide a level of professionalism and dedication to what they do. Our goal is to supply systems analysis and contract services, administrative support, marketing communications and event management.

Program and Project Management

We provide management of program operations and logistics, including travel, communications, timekeeping, resource management and other areas.

Strategic Development

We provide solutions to assist our clients in the identification of strategic objectives and the formulation and implementation of strategic plans to ensure their desired outcomes.

Subject Expertise

Cetechs provides subject-matter experts to assist our clients in addressing their most complex and difficult challenges in numerous fields including, but not limited to:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Communications
  • Health Economics
  • Information Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Statistics
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Management

Cetechs is a strategic workforce solutions company providing administration, program management, healthcare and engineering services throughout the United States.


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